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Every business now has a digital focus, and digital business environments are powered by APIs. API Dublin was founded in 2013. Here, we invite you to come and learn from individuals with API expertise from both the national and international arena at the podium. The organisation formed to talk about APIs, JSON, RESTful, Hypermedia and all the best practices in this sphere. Our renowned speakers are invited from the best developer platforms around the world. Some past speakers include; Fred Logue, Parsa Ghaffari, Garrett Heaver, Richard Cantwell, Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Aaron Hedges & Ruairi Browne.

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The Wonderful World Of API’s – Part Two

Now that everyone has had the summer to REST and relax, we are gearing up for our next meetup on the 28th of October. We will have 3 incredible speakers from Waratek, FanFootage and Golgi so don’t miss out. Make sure to click attending on our Meetup page to reserve a place. We look forward to seeing you then.